Thursday, September 23, 2010

OMG I met...

Been gone for so long, due to a broken camera but I've got two things to share...My friend and I attended Teri's Island Social and it was our first! We had a blast and was able to put faces to the blog names. It was a nice event, Thank you Teri!! and all who helped her!!

The other thing I wanted to share (sorry no pic) was..Today on my 1 hour lunch break I met a known lady in the blog world...and let me tell you I was totally EXCITED...I met DM from threeumbrellas!!! Can you say OMGGG!!! Im sure I caught her totally off guard but it was sort of a "once in a life time" kind of thing...I just had to introduce myself...It's people like her and many others that inspire me!!

Hope to get my camera soon!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ilissa! It was fun meeting you, too! I was a bit "thrown off"! Thought I was Longs' millionth customer...=)

    Hope to meet you again at my favorite Longs', in my favorite aisle! Take care and thanks for visiting and your sweet comments!